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What is the purpose of the state? From my cursory readings, it would seem that at least one thing mostly in common with all ideas in regard to this question is that if the state must exist, then it should provide security for the individual.

Then my question becomes why would the state engage in aggression against other states, for is this not contrary to that primary reason for the state’s existence? That is, does not this aggression negate the idea of security at least in other states (if not actually its own by making itself subject to retaliation for its aggression not to mention putting certain individuals at risk in order to inflict its aggression)? Are not the ideas of security and aggression antithetical?

Doesn’t it seem rational that if one of the primary purposes of the state is security that it should strive as much as possible for peace? And if so, doesn’t it also seem rational that peace cannot be achieved through aggression? For we humans have endlessly demonstrated that trying to achieve peace through aggression is impossible. The outcome of endless aggressions has always been more aggression, not peace. Isn’t it time we tried something else, such as thinking of ways to resolve conflict instead of jumping to engage in conflict?

This, in my mind at any rate, seems to be the raison d’être of politics.

Politics - why activism

Bertolt Brecht - politics - why

From wiki: Politics (from Greek: politikos, meaning “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level.

It seems to me that people have become increasingly cynical about the profession of politicians. I disagree: from the previous statement about the definition of politics, it seems clear that in order to achieve peace, politics (and therefore politicians) is essential to the smooth running of our common endeavours, so long as its primary purpose is to ensure peace for all.

Bucky Fuller - either war or men obsolete

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What immediate goals are within reach in order to guarantee the security of the individual?

Feed the poor

jobs not war

If you want to change the world, start there.

If you think we cant change the world

Margaret Mead quote

Don’t sit back and take it in the teeth! Fight!

be afraid not to try

Never give up


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I’m this doofus who’s trying to get by as a know-it-all poet. Fighting poverty has long been an abiding interest of mine. Sharing fast, easy, low-cost recipes is but one way of doing that.🙂
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