Well, John the Baptist after torturing a thief

looks up at his hero, The Commander In Chief

saying, “Tell me, great hero, but please make it brief

is there a hole for me to get sick in?”


The Commander In Chief answers him while chasing a fly

saying, “Death to all those who would whimper and cry”

and dropping a barbell, he points to the sky

saying, “The Sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken!”


Mama’s in the factory, she ain’t got no shoes

Daddy’s in the alley, he’s lookin’ for food

I’m in the kitchen with the tombstone blues.

—Bob Dylan, “Tombstone Blues”


peace symbol on a beach


About Rolf Auer

I’m this doofus who’s trying to get by as a know-it-all poet. Fighting poverty has long been an abiding interest of mine. Sharing fast, easy, low-cost recipes is but one way of doing that.🙂
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