Give It Up For Whatever by Rolf Auer, 31 December 2013

So, you still believe that your vote counts for something? Ahh, sweet naivety, let me lose myself in unending ignorance, which is bliss! Of course, “Soma” will not be marketed now that Huxley has had his way with it. “Bliss,” however, has already hit the market. The MSM deal in it everyday. That’s why nary a whimper was heard when the last election was stolen. Canadians are high on bliss, which is ignorance.

If Canadians could give a frack, they would. They can’t, however; they are frightened children cowering under Harper’s simpering stare. What’s that, you say, the election was stolen? So what?

It was to be expected. It’s the logical outcome to forever giving it up to the military-industrial-complex, to forever condoning endless war. Again, we couldn’t give a frack. At one time, we were proud: we took pride that we were known worldwide as peacekeepers. Now, we are common warmongers. We give it up for whatever.

I was listening to CBC this morning, on this, the last day of Annus Torybilis. “I have two words,” said someone, “‘balding’ and ‘hard.’” Whoa, let me fall on my face at your feet, oh great one, and worship your penetrating and astute wit. You have split the issue to the core. The issue being how to avoid the issue, that is. Let’s be frivolous and trivial, and avoid at all costs discussing the demise of our democracy. Anybody notice that the last election was stolen? No? Ya, I suppose it’s all too boring. So, I’ll play along, and write an ode to those great news words of ‘balding’ and ‘hard.’ D’oh!

“The clowns at the radio station / weren’t saying much of anything / as usual, except that / life is ‘balding’ and ‘hard.’ / O clowns, I would even now / compose an ode in your honour / if you had any honour / that is.”

Experience taught me that Canadians were tough. Were. Not any more. Now we’re merely wimps. Now we give it up for whatever.

I’m bored. Think I’ll watch a chick flick. How about Erin Brockovich or Silkwood? Funny, you never see those on TV. Why not?

Well, how about Coal Miner’s Daughter or Norma Rae? You don’t see those anymore. Why not?

Oh well, guess it’s Dumb and Dumber then. I give it up for whatever. I. Am. Canadian.


About Rolf Auer

I’m this doofus who’s trying to get by as a know-it-all poet. Fighting poverty has long been an abiding interest of mine. Sharing fast, easy, low-cost recipes is but one way of doing that.🙂
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